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A Morning Nightmare

Twilight through a row of trees.
The supple smell of new spring leaves.
The morning fog hangs in the air.
A family trip to show we care.
A blur, a streak of color moving too rapid!
Time has accelerated!
Through the glass, a muddy field.
Our fate has been sealed.
The brakes seem not to work!
The family van stops with a jerk!
Our bodies have been smashed!
By the van we have just crashed.
The heart wrenching sobs! The gut wrenching screams!!
It is as if we are all having bad dreams.
The pain is excruciating!
The fear is overwhelming!
Blood is pouring everywhere.
Death is slowly coming here.
The door is opening.
An invitation to forever ease the pain is fluctuating.
It is not our time, this is not the place!
We have too much left of life to face!
To the heavens above we cry!!
Please do not let us die!!!
Someone please come and save us all!!!
Someone help!, we call
Help is here.
Someone is near.
Hands embracing.
Voices calling.
We are all alive!
We have all survived!!!!

1997 Kimberly Endicott
All Rights Reserved

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