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My Love

She has a spirit about her
She is the type of lady that belongs in jewels and fur
Into a room she will walk
Everyone will stop all talk
She has no fear
She knows that love is always near
Attention she captures
All hearts she enraptures
In every way she is exquisite
She is dainty and delicate
Her hair is curly and light brown
Oh How she makes me smile like a clown
Her blue eyes so beautiful and bright
In my life, she is the light
Her beautiful smile brightens up my days
Oh how she makes my life so great in so many ways
So angelic is her face
How I love her embrace
She is so smart
She knows she has caught my heart
She can make time come to a stop
How she makes my heart go flippity and flop
She can always bring a smile to my face
She keeps my life in place
She has stolen my heart
From her I can't bear to be apart
She is everything to me
I want the world to see
Her beauty and intelligence
She has such elegance
She is my love
She seems to have been sent from the heavens above
She is my life
With her by my side I can overcome any strife
She is my baby daughter
My life would have no meaning without her

1997 Kimberly Endicott
All Rights Reserved

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