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Drunk Driving Crashes

Drunk driving crashes
Leave lives in ashes
Hopes are lost
At a high cost
Dreams are shattered
People are battered
When will it stop?
Drunk Drivers say
"I won't pay
for my crime"
Time after time
They get away with murder
Justice says it is just manslaughter
When will it end?
What message do we send?
The crime continues
That is no news
Innocent or guilty
We all pay for it completely
Insurance rates increased
To pay for the deceased
We pay for the injured
In which there is no way to be cured
When will it cease?
If the criminals are caught
And justice is sought
We all still pay for their stay
In court or in jail
Without fail
We pay with our taxes
While the criminal relaxes
When will it quit?
It is time to fight
There is no end in sight
We must raise our voices
And exercise our choices
Murdering of the innocents
Is nefarious
Injuring the blameless
Is completely atrocious
When will it disappear?
We can end it here
The end of this crime can be near
If we all choose not to lose
Any more lives
With a vigorous
Shout and a zealous
Cry to the lawmakers
We can show the lawbreakers
We will suffer no more!
There is much in store
For their criminal acts.

1997 Kimberly Endicott
All Rights Reserved

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