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Times Change

Times have changed
Schedules have been rearranged
Now people work from day through night
Not caring about others plight
Children are left home alone
Their loneliness is not known
Crime is rampant through the streets
Advocacy is not recognized as any great feat
Long ago, times were different
People were not so distant
Life was at a slower pace
Families sat at dinner face to face
Everyone knew their neighbors
People were appreciated for their labors
People were respected
Property was protected
People truly cared
Lives were openly shared
Values of the past
Are meant to last
We can save our humanity
If we can overcome our vanity
We can start anew
And teach our children to view
The world with kindness
And always try to make a difference
In others lives just by caring for even a total stranger
Even if that means putting their own emotions in danger
A broken heart or a few shed tears
Are worth helping others through their fears
Love and kindness can overcome all
If it stops humanity from the fall
Further into violence and ultimate destruction
Times can change with any situation
If we all get involved
All problems can be resolved
Together we can make a difference
In this world of insensitiveness

1997 Kimberly Endicott
All Rights Reserved

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