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You Are Not Alone

When times get tough.
If life gets rough.
When you get confused.
If you have been abused.
When the pain is unbearable.
If you feel your life is terrible.
When you want to cry.
If you feel your tears wont dry.
When you want to scream.
If you feel you live in a bad dream.
When you want to just give in.
If you want to commit the ultimate sin.
Know that you are not alone.
Just pick up the telephone.
You have friends who are near.
Friends who truly do care.
Friends who have been there.
Friends who will stand by your side.
Friends who will listen to all you confide.
Friends who will wipe away all of your tears.
Friends who will calm all of your fears.
Friends who will reassure you of their love.
Friends who seem to have been sent from above.
Know that you are not alone in any way.
Friends are just a telephone call away.
At any time of the day or night.
Peace is within your sight.
Don't give up on life.
You do have friends who understand your strife.
If you need a helping hand.
You do have friends who truly understand.

1997 Kimberly Endicott
All Rights Reserved

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