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Who Am I

[my family]
Who am I ?
I have been asked that so many times.
The facts of my identity are easily found.
My name, age, ect...
I am a wife.
I am a mother to three children.
I proudly own my own home.
I have many interests, or hobbies.
I used to love to read.
I have always felt that you can't stop learning.
I love working on the computer.
I love art, in all of its forms.
I like science fiction of any type.
I like to garden, plant, and work on my home.
Most of all, I love all children.
Children are a gift from heaven,
all children are special,
they should be loved and cherished.
Those are the basics of who I am.
I am also a very complex person.
I am not a number,
categorized to fit into any stereotype.
I am a child abuse survivor,
a street fighter,
a drunk driving crash victim,
a brain injury victim,
and a survivor.
I am stubborn, willful, and opinionated.
I do not trust easily.
I do not let many see the inner me.
The frightened girl,
the fears, memories,feelings.
I do not have many friends.
It is by choice.
I have been hurt too many times.
I have a tendency to give too much.
I go overboard on holidays and special occasions.
When someone wins my trust and affection,
I am taking a chance.
One that I am not very good at, or comfortable with.
I do not take many chances in life.
The odds are usually against me.
I am a dreamer.
I dream of making a difference,
of being remembered for something great.
I dream of contributing to society in some way that will allow me
to be remembered.
"Who Am I"
There is no real answer.
I am a complex person, with a complex life.
The best way to learn the answer to that
is to be a friend.

1997 Kimberly Endicott
All Rights Reserved

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